NAWWAM Legal Firm is proud to be an object of respect and trust of Egyptian, Arab, European and American clients.

We exert our effort to fulfill the responsibilities at their best to maintain this trust. We consider the legal profession a mission of trust, commitment, and honor which is the firm's motto.

Caring for maintaining the secrecy of our clients' names, we will only declare the fields in which the firm has accumulated long experience in exercising all their legal actions throughout years.
Ion sweet Greece
United for trading & importing (Hony, Jonilline, fax, Duru)
Bawazer Canadian Co. for tea
Fadico for food trading
Ideal for food industries (NCZ, ideal milker brand, sheraton butter ghee)
Lipton Tea Co.
Broke Bond Tea Co.
Cosmofarma S.P.A Italy
Cosmove S.P.A Italy
Nountex (Puma, Lotto, Gear agent)
Badawy Sons For Tea
Sector of civil, commercial, tax, criminal law, laborer, social insurance cases and legal consultations
Real estate and notarization sector
Contract wording sector
Firms foundation sector and the legal actions regarding the Egyptian stock market's shares and bonds
Investors' services sector
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