Believing in the principle of specialization in the field of legal activities and international investments, we have divided the firm into a group of sectors:

1) Sector of civil, commercial, tax, criminal law, laborer, social insurance cases and legal consultations:-

This sector will be specialized in taking up all legal procedures before courts of all types and levels (court of first instance, appeal court, administrative court, supreme administrative court, court of cassation, high constitutional law court.

2) Real estate and notarization sector:-

This sector is specialized in taking all legal procedures to register real estates of all kinds before all real estate publicity and notarization offices in Egypt..

3) Contract wording sector:-

The sector is specialized in phrasing all kinds of local and international contracts including ships and aircrafts selling contracts and contracts related to technology, software, industrial and intellectual ownership, and electronic trade contracts… etc..

4) Firms foundation sector and the legal actions regarding the Egyptian stock market's shares and bonds:-

This sector specializes in founding all kinds of partnerships and associations and trust
of capital, and appointing a legal counselor for each and taking up all the procedures before companies governmental organization, investment organization, capital market authority and stock exchange. .

5) Sector of registration of names, trademarks, industrial prototypes, intellectual ownership, industrial ownership and issuing work permits for foreigners and executing merger of corporations, companies and banks and liquidation as well:-

This sector specializes in the registration of art and literary works-oral or visual, and the rights of phonograph producers, and the rights of protecting Olympic symbol in accordance with international agreements concluded in this concern which Egypt has joined, the most important of which is Paris 1883 - Peret 1885 – Rome - Geneva agreements, Nairobi treaty ….etc and the concerned Egyptian laws in effect and applying the law of the country concerned. This sector is also concerned with issuing foreigners' work permits in addition to merging all economic entities..

6) Investors' services sector:

This sector is concerned with providing Arab, European and American investors with full feasibility study of the best applicable businesses. It also provides the governmental incentives and tax and custom-duty exemption to all Arab, European and American investors. All the mentioned has a great impact on attracting many international businesses.

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